Sapphire – The Birthstone of September

September's birthstone - sapphireSeptember birthstone is sapphire and is expected to bring physical and mental balance. Sapphire is also normal given 5 and the forty-fifth wedding anniversary. The Greek word for blue “sapphirus” gives sapphires their name.

Sapphires have long been a tradition for priests who think they embody purity, as the king who thought they symbolized wisdom.

Compared to other gemstones, sapphires, are a type of corundum. Sapphires come in magnificent colors ranging from shades of pink and lavender in a strange orange and deep blue sapphire popular that helped earn its name.

Sapphires exist in some parts of the world such as India, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, America, Thailand, Myanmar, Tanzania, China and Myanmar.

Sapphires have earned a reputation as a great medicine for all purposes and were ingested as an antidote to the poison. Sapphires are milled powder that to solve the problems with colic always with mental disorders.

In ancient Egypt, sapphires have been associated with the wisdom of the All-Seeing Eye of Horus, which makes this stone the perfect stone for the month of September. Then, as now, was a September to celebrate learning and knowledge. During the autumn equinox in September, when day and night are in balance, the ancient Egyptians celebrated the wisdom of Isis, who used his knowledge to revive her dead husband, Osiris. And since sapphire were highly prized by the ancient Egyptians for its revealing of the qualities that have come down to us as the stone of September – the month we started our academic year, and our own search for wisdom.

But when the elders spoke sapphires (saphirus derived from the Latin word for blue stones “) were almost certainly refers to lapis lazuli. Moderna velvety blue sapphire corundum gems are second only to diamonds in hardness. However, lapis lazuli, sapphire first is a semi-precious stone with white and gold inclusions. Sapphires come in a modern variety of colors, if they are the most famous blue, but the lapis lazuliis made of a mixture of minerals that make them almost exclusively blue.

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