Gemstone Meanings

Gemstones, if selected correctly will generate a positive energy around you giving you a feeling of confidence and will help you fight back with your bad times. So, it is important to know the gemstone meanings before purchasing it. Most gemstone beads have attributes that are traditionally associated with them.

Gemstone Meanings

Amethyst is good for creative thinking and awareness as it brings clarity and stillness.

Apatite is often linked to water and is thought to promote harmony.

Aquamarine is associated with tranquility, clarity of mind and creative self-expression. It is believed to be soothing and to aid meditation.

Aventurine is thought to protect the heart, enhance creativity and promote healing.

Bloodstone encourages fairness and justice so can be used for those times when you feel that you need a little help in your corner.

Carnelian is particularly useful therefore worn as jewellery as its influence is then with you over a long period of time, is associated with motivation and is used to stimulate career growth.

Chrysocolla strengthens the body’s resistance and promotes calm and levelheadedness during moments of deep emotional stress.

Chrysoprase is associated with good moods, wisdom, communication and stress relief.

Citrine is also known as the cuddle stone on account of its ability to chase away the blues and lift your spirits.

Emerald. The Greeks associated emeralds with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. It is linked to love, wealth., mental clarity, truth and self-knowledge.

Garnet is associated with passion, love and loyalty. Garnets help to purify the body and enhance imagination

Green Aventurine helps to bring clarity in decision making and enables you to access your innate wisdom

Hematite. Cleansing and spiritual, it can help to unblock you and your energies by giving you the power to rid yourself of the obstacles that hold you back

Iolite is said to support inner strength, self-confidence, leadership qualities, spiritual growth, peace and simplicity.

Jasper is thought to deflect negativity and stress while inducing mental clarity, focus, stamina and general good health

Labradorite is linked to faith and destiny

Lapis Lazuli is considered as the stone of friendship and truth, improving emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic conditions.

Malachite is an amulet most suitable for protecting children. It drives away evil spirits and illness.

Moonstone is associated with intuition, creativity and good fortune. Moonstone was used as a charm to promote nurturing. It is also believed to attract love, compassion and sympathy.

Onyx is associated with protection, wisdom, good fortune and happiness. Onyx may be used to help break bad habits.

Pearls symbolize innocence and purity in Western culture. They have strong feminine associations and are also linked to water and to the moon.

Peridot is associated with visions and mysticism. Other attributes include problem solving, strong will, and the ability to sooth bruised egos.


Clear crystal quartz is often used for healing and meditation.

Rutilated quartz is associated with creativity and positive direction.

Smoky quartz for endurance and to promote learning.

Rose quartz is known for generating feelings of love and compassion.

Rubies are associated with wealth, joy, sexual energy and power.

Sapphire is said to help people fulfill their dreams. It is linked to inner peace, joy and intuition.

Serpentine is thought to aid the meditative state. It may dispel fear and enhance self-confidence.

Sodialite can bring harmony and trust back into your heart so this is particularly good for if you are having relationship problems.

Sunstone is thought to empower the wearer, promote self-esteem and healing, ease depression and encourage physical harmony.

Tiger’s Eye encourages personal growth  in the wearer and helps you to recognise our own abilities.

Topaz  is the stone of calm and balance. It is thought to promote kindness, compassion and empathy.

Tourmaline is said to strengthen both body and spirit. It is believed to attract inspiration, aide concentration, encourage balance and promote understanding.

Turquoise is used to draw unto oneself love, money, health, wealth, beauty, friendship and happiness.

Gemstone meanings can be very flexible and so can the ways in which you use them. You can place the crystals in a corner of your room while you sleep, carry them around with you in your bag, or wear a gemstone as a piece of jewellery.

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