Birthstone Colors Chart by Month

Birthstones make ideal gifts, but, not only stones can be the ideal gift. You can combine the gem with flowers of the same birthstone color, for example. There are many types of jewelry containing the appropriate stones for each occasion. To a mother, you can give a bracelet with the birthstone colors of her children and it will look gorgeous. So, birthstone colors not only can be used for the birth of the person who is receiving the gift, you can use the birthstone color of a important member of his/her life.

So, with the next birthstone color chart, we hope you can create an amazing gift. Not forget be careful when you choose appropriate gems and follow the tips you will find around this website to buy a great gemstone.


Month Birthstone Color
January Dark Red Garnet birthstone color january
February Purple Amethyst birthstone color february
March Aqua Aquamarine birthstone color march
April Silvery Crystal Diamond birthstone color april
May Green Emerald birthstone color may
June Pearl or light pink Pearl birthstone color june
July Blood Red Ruby birthstone color july
August  Light green Peridot birthstone color august
September Dark blue or Indigo Sapphire birthstone color september
October Bluish PInk  Opal birthstone color october
November Yellow Topaz Yellow topaz birthstone color november
December Greenish blue  Turquoise birthstone color december
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