Birthstone Colors by Month

Birthstones Colors by Month

Birthstones Colors by Month

Today in Childrens Birthstones Jewelry want to share with you the list of birthstone colors by month. This list of birthstones colors covers both traditional and modern birthstones.

The most recent birthstone jewelry list was implemented by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Not only are specific stones connected with a given month, but each month has a color connected with it. These colors have been derived from the natural color of the individual birthstones.

In ancient times, people believed the color of a stone revealed the specific natural power or energy the stone contained.

Actually, many people just feel their birthstone is unique and special, and a gift containing this gemstone is considered to be a significant, personalized item to give.

But, why you need a list of birthstones colors by month?

You may want to use the list of birthstone colors to personalize non-jewelry items, such as gifts, for someone or maybe for inspiration in decorating for a birthday party.


Modern Birthstone Color

Traditional Birthstone Color

January Dark Red Dark Red
February Medium to dark purple Medium to dark purple
March Aqua or Pale Blue Dark Green with Red inclusions
April Silvery Crystal Silvery Crystal
May Bright Green Bright Green
June Cream Light Reddish Purple
July Deep Blood Red Deep Blood Red
August Light Yellowish Green or Pale Green Brownish Red With White Inclusions
September Deep Vibrant Blue or Indigo Deep Vibrant Blue
October Bluish Pink Pink
November Yellow or Golden Brown Yellow
December Greenish Blue or Sky Blue Greenish Blue


Now you’re ready to let your creativity fly with this list of birthstones colors by month.

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